Technology Education Resources

These resources are a compilation of my graduate work from the Technology Based Education Master's program at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Please feel free to use them for educational purposes. © 2003 et marciniec.

Fish Town Z, Lesson 1 [shockwave] - The first completed lesson in a series intended to teach the concept of community sustainability. Students use given criteria to identify problems from an illustrated community scenario. Grade level: 5 and up. This software is available on disk (in .exe format) upon request.

Lesson Plans & Activities
Loca for Logo [PDF] - A mathematics-integrated unit on Logo--a program that can be used to introduce students to computer programming. Includes an annotated list of web resources, such as where to download a free copy of Logo. Grade level: 5 and up.

How-To Guides
PageMaker 6.5: Newsletter Layout [PDF] -An illustrated introduction to the basic functions of PageMaker.